Aesthetic Dentistry

Like in every field of life, aesthetics is quite important for our teeth that are the headliners of our face; because, our smile is the most valuable accessory. Aesthetic dentistry is a field which aims to create healthy and beautiful smiles by using one or multiple treatments in our teeth. It is possible to have a more beautiful and healthy smile thanks to aesthetic dental treatments. Custom Smile Design, Laminate Veneer (Porcelain Laminate), Bleaching and All-Ceramic Prosthesis are the main fields of operation of aesthetic dentistry.
One of the most demanded treatments in aesthetic dentistry is smile design. Everybody wants their smile to look beautiful but cannot figure out exactly what the problem is. That’s because the factors that prevent everyone from having a beautiful smile are different. Thanks to custom smile design, it is determined how a beautiful smile can be provided specifically for that person. Models are created by measuring the available teeth of the patient, and required treatments are applied. These treatments are planned in line with both the recommendations of dentist and desires of patient.
“Laminate Veneers” or “Porcelain Laminates” are the easiest way of having a beautiful smile by correcting the visual defects in the teeth. With Laminate Veneers, color, shape and size of teeth can be changed, gaps between teeth can be fixed and the desired aesthetics can be achieved quickly. It is a good alternative to orthodontics in elimination of the crowded teeth and asymmetries at the front teeth. Removal of very little material from patient’s existing teeth, ability to perform procedures most often without anesthesia and laminates’ good imitation capability of enamel are among the advantages of laminate veneers.
Bleaching is a treatment method preferred by many people that want an aesthetic smile in modern societies today. It is because white teeth are the key to a beautiful smile.  Bleaching treatment has become one of the most important branches in aesthetic dentistry along with the increase in people’s habits such as coffee and tea consumption as well as smoking. Many people with yellow teeth avoid smiling not to show their teeth even though their teeth are nice. The easiest and quickest solution to this problem is bleaching.
All-ceramic prosthesis or all-ceramic crowns have reinforced porcelain in their infrastructure and their aesthetic results are the most satisfying ones. Being an effective treatment method for eliminating problems aesthetically especially when the material loss in the front teeth is too much to perform laminate veneers, all-ceramic prosthesis contributes significantly in your beautiful smile. With its translucent structure, all-ceramic prosthesis provides a natural appearance, and it is quite difficult to distinguish them from your real teeth visually.

Factors Affecting an Aesthetic Smile

There are many things to consider to have an aesthetic smile. The most important ones are age and gender. Aesthetic smile design to be made for you will vary depending on your age and gender. Features, lips and nose are also very critical for having an aesthetic smile. A beautiful smile is obtained by trying to achieve the golden ratio on the face.
And white teeth is a must-have to have a beautiful smile. Health gums are also essential for a beautiful smile. Color, shape and alignment of teeth contribute in a beautiful smile as a whole. All factors must be addressed together, and treatment must be planned and implemented accordingly for an aesthetic smile.

Dent in Levent and Aesthetic Dentistry

Specialty and experience of dentists are quite important in aesthetic dentistry treatments. Therefore, great care must be taken while choosing the clinic where the treatment will be made. İstanbul is a city with many opportunities related to aesthetic dentistry. Dent in Levent offers reliable service to you with specialist and experienced dentist in all aesthetic dentistry fields.

Custom Smile Design

Smile design includes identification and implementation of procedures required for individuals to have a beautiful smile. Procedures might be performed not only on teeth, but also gums and lips in this field. Personal requirements identified by doctors are taken into account as well as desires of individuals who will undergo procedures. In cases where surgical treatment and orthodontic treatment are not required, problems in the gums are treated and level of gums is aligned with the teeth. An aesthetic appearance can be achieved in tooth color by bleaching procedures. Required procedures are performed for changes in shape and size of teeth. Apart from these, if deemed necessary, symmetry and fullness of lips are adjusted according to the person using surgical lip operation.

How Is Custom Smile Designed?

In custom aesthetic smile design, the interventions are performed specifically for that person. In the identification process of treatment, structure, size and position of teeth are important as well as the structure of gums. Decisions such as laminate size and zirconium ratio to be applied to the patient require experience in the field. Zirconium or laminate crowns or operations such as lip contouring surgery require technical expertise as well as a strong aesthetic perception and observation ability.  Therefore, preference of specialized and experienced dentists in the field is critical for these operations. Dent in Levent employs dentists and dental technicians specialized in this field.
At the design stage, a prototype of the preferred model can be applied on the person or mounted on computer in order to achieve a preview close to the result. By this way, design is finalized based also on the desires of patient.
Main problems that are focused on in custom smile design are misalignments and positions of teeth, irregularities in gums, disproportions on the teeth and visible part of gums, gaps related to lack of teeth as well as contractions and dents on the face and lips. Impairments and problems affecting lips and smile are also intervened as part of this treatment.
Elimination of these problems is quite useful in making the smile beautiful, however the main objective here is the solution of all these problems without compromising on natural appearance.

How Is Custom Smile Treatment Performed?

In custom smile treatment, firstly general condition of person’s oral and dental health is checked. Smile design treatment cannot be started without eliminating the problems in the available condition. Once the oral and dental health is achieved, aesthetic problems are determined by a specialist doctor. At this stage, patient and doctor decide on the shape, size and alignment of teeth. After performing the necessary procedures such as implants and gingival surgery, smile design is started, and prior to this procedure that lasts for about two weeks, a model of the determined design is applied to the patient without any therapeutic benefits to observe how the design looks on the individual. Apart from these, symmetry and fullness of lips are adjusted with surgery according to the teeth alignment, if needed, and treatment is finalized.

Laminate Veneer (Porcelain Laminate)

Laminate veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain bonded on the teeth that is preferred especially on the front teeth. This treatment is one of the most effective and quick methods of eliminating the problems on front teeth. The ceramic plaque that bonds to teeth chemically has a durable structure. Besides, a natural look can be achieved very quickly thanks to its transparent structure resembling natural enamel.
Discolored or damaged teeth and gaps between teeth can easily be treated with laminate veneers. An aesthetic result can be obtained very quickly also on the crowded teeth in the front area.
While applying this method, a layer of 0.3 to 0.7 mm is removed from the tooth surface and a suitable place is prepared for laminate veneers. In some cases, there is no need to remove material from the tooth surface. Then the size of teeth is measured using a paste prepared specifically for this purpose, and model of your teeth is prepared. Temporary laminate veneers are placed on your teeth in this process until the actual laminate veneers are prepared. In your second appointment, if it is decided to permanently place the prepared laminate veneer, teeth are cleaned in detail, laminates are placed and fixed using light-curing.

What Are the Advantages of Laminate Veneers?

Laminate veneers have many advantages. First of all, since these laminates have a smooth surface, the stains do not penetrate into teeth and can be removed easily; they are also resistant to stains. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about discoloration for long years. They are also very durable. Furthermore, a less-than-stellar appearance can be achieved very quickly, and their enamel-like transparent structure provides a quite natural look. Minimum or none etching on the tooth surface at the production stage is one of the most important advantages. It is not allergic.

What Are the Disadvantages of Laminate Veneers?

Planning and production of laminate veneers require a very meticulous work. Cost of treatment is relatively higher than other prosthesis types.
All-Ceramic Prosthesis
In cases where material loss is high in the integrity of tooth, fixed prosthesis procedures applied on natural teeth are preferred more as compared to other options. Among these fixed prosthesis procedures, all-porcelain prosthesis is the most preferred one by the dentists.
Metal-supported prosthesis are far from a natural look since they do not permeate light due to the metal in their infrastructure. Today, however, all-ceramic prosthesis applied especially on the front teeth provide very satisfying results. Besides, while metal-supported ones bond to teeth only mechanically, all-ceramic prosthesis bond to teeth more strongly since their bonding is both mechanical and chemical.
Aesthetic prosthesis made using zirconium are quite durable as compared to other options. One of the most significant characteristics of this alloy is its more natural look compared to other materials.

All-Ceramic Prosthesis Treatment Process

Prior to all-ceramic prosthesis, natural teeth are prepared for the procedure; the required etching is applied on the teeth. After the size is measured, prosthesis is prepared on the obtained model in the laboratory environment. Patient is called to the clinic for a few times for checking the compatibility of prosthesis. A temporary prosthesis is provided to the patient for the process between size measurement and application of permanent prosthesis. Thus, patient continues his/her routine life without any problem. Once the necessary checks are performed on the permanent prosthesis and it is decided to place it in the mouth, prosthesis is generally placed on the teeth using a temporary adhesive and compatibility is observed. If the prosthesis that is used with a temporary adhesive for a few days satisfies the patient, then it is bonded permanently.