Custom Smile Design

Smile design includes identification and implementation of procedures required for individuals to have a beautiful smile. Procedures might be performed not only on teeth, but also gums and lips in this field. Personal requirements identified by doctors are taken into account as well as desires of individuals who will undergo procedures. In cases where surgical treatment and orthodontic treatment are not required, problems in the gums are treated and level of gums is aligned with the teeth. An aesthetic appearance can be achieved in tooth color by bleaching procedures. Required procedures are performed for changes in shape and size of teeth. Apart from these, if deemed necessary, symmetry and fullness of lips are adjusted according to the person using surgical lip operation.

How Is Custom Smile Designed?

In custom aesthetic smile design, the interventions are performed specifically for that person. In the identification process of treatment, structure, size and position of teeth are important as well as the structure of gums. Decisions such as laminate size and zirconium ratio to be applied to the patient require experience in the field. Zirconium or laminate crowns or operations such as lip contouring surgery require technical expertise as well as a strong aesthetic perception and observation ability.  Therefore preference of specialized and experienced dentists in the field is critical for these operations. Dent in Levent employs dentists and dental technicians specialized in this field.
 At the design stage, a prototype of the preferred model can be applied on the person or mounted on computer in order to achieve a preview close to the result. By this way, design is finalized based also on the desires of patient.
Main problems that are focused on in custom smile design are misalignments and positions of teeth, irregularities in gums, disproportions on the teeth and visible part of gums, gaps related to lack of teeth as well as contractions and dents on the face and lips. Impairments and problems affecting lips and smile are also intervened as part of this treatment.
Elimination of these problems is quite useful in making the smile beautiful, however the main objective here is the solution of all these problems without compromising on natural appearance.

How Is Custom Smile Treatment Performed?

In custom smile treatment, firstly general condition of person’s oral and dental health is checked. Smile design treatment cannot be started without eliminating the problems in the available condition. Once the oral and dental health is achieved, aesthetic problems are determined by a specialist doctor. At this stage, patient and doctor decide on the shape, size and alignment of teeth. After performing the necessary procedures such as implants and gingival surgery, smile design is started, and prior to this procedure that lasts for about two weeks, a model of the determined design is applied to the patient without any therapeutic benefits to observe how the design looks on the individual. Apart from these, symmetry and fullness of lips are adjusted with surgery according to the teeth alignment, if needed, and treatment is finalized.