Dental Health in Pregnancy 

If pregnancy is within your short term plans, you should visit your dentist together with a gynecologist. The hormonal structure that changes with pregnancy, especially increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones affect the gums and make them more prone to infections. Therefore, oral clinic and radiological examinations must be made prior to pregnancy, and dental and gingival problems must be treated, if any. Future mothers should also visit their dentist for a check-up once in every three months during their pregnancy even though they do not have a complaint. You may have a problem- and stress-free pregnancy in terms of dental health by this way.

Dental Treatments During Pregnancy 

The first three months of pregnancy is a sensitive period in which organs of the baby grow. Bacteremia that occurs in this period might affect the development of baby negatively. Unnecessary dental interventions may also lead to miscarriage. Therefore, treatments may be postponed to any time between the 3rd and 6th months. However, in very painful and emergency cases in which the oral infection may affect the development of baby negatively, your dentist who is in contact with your gynecologist may apply a treatment without harming the baby.
The most suitable period in which dental treatments can be performed during pregnancy is the second trimester. Fillings, root canal therapy or tooth extractions that cannot be postponed until after pregnancy can be performed easily in this period under local anesthesia. Even though dose of dental X-rays is very low, X-rays are not recommended during pregnancy. If it is really necessary, a lead apron must be worn. During pregnancy, suitable antibiotics can be prescribed, when required, in line with the advice of gynecologist.
Since the birth is close after the 6th month, it is better to postpone the treatments until after the delivery. There is a risk of premature birth in this period. However, in emergency cases, required interventions may be performed in line with the opinions of your gynecologist.